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High-quality CAD Models for High-fidelity Ray Tracing

Simulation results are only as good as the inputs used to generate them.  Accurate CAD models with appropriate material assignments are critical to running simulations and obtaining valid results.  While there are many sources for CAD models, not all models are created equal.  Often, CAD representations of cities, buildings, and objects like cars, office furniture, and street furniture can be unreliable for simulation.  Buildings may be out of position, maps may be out of date, objects’ faces may be invalid, and models may be represented with too much or too little detail for users’ applications or frequency range-of-interest.

High resolution modern conference room.

High resolution 3D building models with detailed facades and with material assignments for windows, window frames, and concrete.

Remcom, through its partnership with B-Design3D, offers accurate, high-quality, and up-to-date CAD and geodata models of most any location in the world.  Through our close collaboration with B-Design3D, we can certify that models are Remcom-ready, meaning that objects are resolved with an appropriate level of detail for users’ applications, facets are valid, and objects’ positions have been verified with satellite imagery.  

Models may include:

  • Vector data of buildings and footprints with heights
  • 3D models of buildings, with or without complex roofs
  • 3D objects and floorplans
  • Terrain ground usage - clutter data
  • Terrain elevation data
  • Vector data of vegetation
  • Vegetation data with tree trunks
  • Material property definitions for the various elements in the scene, like glass, concrete, soil, vegetation, etc. may be assigned on a per-facet basis

Please contact Remcom’s sales staff to determine the required resolution and attributes for your application.

Buildings with vector data with satellite image underlay.