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XF を使用すると、より正確で効率的なメッシュをより少ない作業で簡単に生成できるようになります。


  • View mesh before simulation
  • Automatic fixed point insertion
  • Automatic grid regions
  • Fast meshing speed
  • Small memory footprint for large meshes

XF has always led the market with the ability to see the finished mesh with materials before the simulation ever starts.  This provides the confidence that the simulation will not fail due to a meshing error.  XF’s intelligent and ultra-fast mesh updating capabilities make this process even more seamless than before.


Meshes that previously would have been too large to view can now be created and inspected in a fraction of the time. XF intelligently updates the mesh only when and where it’s required, allowing you to create the most accurate and efficient mesh with fewer interruptions. This also ensures that your project will have the smallest mesh necessary to perform an accurate simulation.