Rescale and Remcom Bring NVIDIA GPU-Accelerated Electromagnetic Simulation to the Cloud

New Partnership Provides XFdtd Users an Hourly Licensing Option on Rescale’s ScaleX Platform

May 1, 2018

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Rescale and Remcom are pleased to announce that XFdtd®, Remcom’s electromagnetic (EM) simulation software, is now available on Rescale’s ScaleX platform for HPC in the cloud, allowing engineers to quickly and easily run complex, high-fidelity EM simulation models from any web browser.

XFdtd is a finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) EM solver that is capable of handling large simulations with a minimal amount of RAM and processing them quickly using NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs). The partnership brings XFdtd’s capabilities to the Rescale cloud platform, giving engineers pay-as-you-go access to Rescale’s global multi-cloud HPC network of over 100 data centers worldwide. High-capacity users can scale out to thousands of cores and choose hardware configurations optimized to the requirements of XFdtd, with options ranging from economical HPC configurations to cutting-edge bare metal systems, low-latency InfiniBand interconnect, and the latest NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators. The partnership delivers the combined advantage of GPU acceleration and virtually unlimited scaling to EM applications such as 自動車用レーダー, 生物 医学, mobile devices, 5G MIMO and more.

Michael Hicks, director of business development for Remcom, said of the partnership, “Remcom has been a pioneer in leveraging high-performance computing to greatly speed EM simulations, offering one of the first GPU-accelerated solutions in the EM software market. By utilizing Rescale's cloud platform for HPC, our customers will enjoy instant access to NVIDIA's state-of-the-art GPUs, driving development times down even further. This is yet another way we are helping customers to save time and money and deliver their products to market faster.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with Remcom,” said Joris Poort, CEO at Rescale. “We believe that Remcom users will benefit from the fast, flexible, secure, and huge on-demand resources that Rescale can bring to computationally demanding tools, such as electromagnetic simulation.”

“NVIDIA has proven experience accelerating EM simulations, one of the fastest growing domains in the industry,” said Baskar Rajagopalan, senior strategic alliances and marketing manager at NVIDIA. “Rescale users will now be able to benefit from NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud to achieve faster and more accurate results from computationally intensive workloads.” 

If you are interested in obtaining this new licensing option, you can contact sales 詳細については。

Remcom について
Remcom provides innovative electromagnetic simulation and wireless propagation software for commercial users and U.S. government sponsors. Remcom’s products are designed to work together to provide complete and accurate results when analyzing antenna propagation with complex devices in real world scenarios. Remcom’s products simplify EM analysis for a wide variety of applications including antenna design and placement, 5G MIMO, outdoor and indoor mmWave planning, mobile device design, biomedical, microwave, automotive radar, and more. Remcom is committed to its customers’ unique needs, offering flexible licensing options for installations of all sizes as well as custom engineered solutions. Visit 詳細については。 

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